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Lisa Marie Kindley

Painter of Dreamscapes, Botanica, Creatures

"I think of my paintings as poems, evoking a mood, a memory, a dream, that is too magical to be captured in any literal way".

Inspired by the frescoes and fairytales of old Europe, Lisa began creating her painted canvas tapestries in 2010. Both romantic and rustic in feeling, they evolved naturally from her prior 10 years of experience painting murals and decorative finishes for homes. Working mostly large-scale, her artworks become a "glimpse of serenity" that invites the viewer to wander into a timeless world... quiet and lushly overgrown, like a forgotten garden, or a place yet to be discovered.

In her airy mountain studio, nestled in a little village of northern New Mexico, she begins her painting by stapling raw canvas to the wall. Both sides are then gessoed, with edges often left frayed for a timeworn effect. Using matte acrylic paints, dry pigments, glazes, and pastels, she brushes, sands, scratches, spatters... letting the images grow naturally. Stencils that she makes from pressed leaves and flowers, her nature sketches, or historical designs, are used to build layers of organic pattern and texture. Flowers, birds and animals emerge, colors shift between faded and fresh, as she explores her landscape that is partly real, partly imaginary. When the painting is done, it is finished to hang simply from a wooden dowel, or a decorative rod.

Lisa studied illustration at the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon. But, her enchanted dreamscape imagery, and soft antiquing effects have developed while working as a decorative artist in northern California. Travel has also been an inspiration and an education, with journeys over the years to Europe, the British Isles, and Japan.

Her painted tapestries are currently shown at juried art fairs and festivals in the Southwest.